The owner represents that to the best of his knowledge and belief that the said vehicle is in sound and safe condition and free from any known faults or defects which would affect its safe operation under normal use.

The RENTER agrees that the RENTED VEHICLE:

  • Not to use the vehicle to push, propel or tow another vehicle, trailer or any other thing without the written consent of the owner.

  • The vehicle shall not be use to travel outside BOHOL.

  • The vehicle should not be sold, pawn or re-rent to any other person without the consent of the owner.

  • Not to use the vehicle to carry properties that may cause damage to it.

  • Not to use the vehicle for any race or competition.

  • Not to use the vehicle for any illegal purposes.

  • Not to use the vehicle in any negligent manner.

  • Not to let the vehicle to be operated by any other person without the consent of the owner (or his appointed representative).

  • That the owner shall check the condition of the vehicle anytime.

  • That the renter shall return the vehicle with the same fuel level before it was rented.

  • Should there be any breaches to any of the above agreement, the owner reserves the right to repossess the vehicle without any refund.


The RENTER hereby agrees that he shall fully indemnify the OWNER for any and all loss of, or damage to the vehicle, or equipment during the term of his agreement, whether cause by collision, fire, flood, vandalism, theft or any other cause, except, that which may be determined to be caused by fault or defect of the vehicle equipment.